Faux Wood Candle Holders

10:38:00 AM

I am THRILLED to share this "tutorial" with you! I have been searching high and low for wooden candle holders for my mantle that are in-expensive so I can spray paint and distress them to my liking! I have looked at second hand stores, thrift stores...you name it! Prices are always too much for my liking! I was super excited to go to our local Craft Warehouse, which just so happens to be closing this location and everything was at least 40% off! I found these:

They were $2 for this size and $3 for the larger...but guess what?! They are...wait for it...(yes I watch too much How I met your mother!)...METAL! And for $5 total I figured it was worth a shot!

First I used my dear friend "country white" spray paint and covered them with about 3 coats of paint and then let them dry.

My husband came home and said WOW the kids were out tagging again huh?! Was it that obvious?!

I then took a low grit sand paper and scuffed them up till I got the affect I was looking for! I LOVE how they turned out! Now to find some candles! I am thinking a Red one and a Blue one to go with my Fourth of July mantle display!

Super easy and very frugal to make! I love them! Enjoy!

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  1. I didn't know there is a craft warehouse on this side of town? Hmmmm..... probably why they are closing. :)