Easy to use editing program

12:35:00 PM

One of my favorite past times is to take pictures of my family and friends...not professionally mind you but I really love to try and get that more "professional" style look! One of my best friends is a photographer and she is always willing to give me excellent tips on lighting etc! BUT still, I am NO professional and don't always get the best of shots! My dear husband bought me Photo-shop Elements last year for my birthday...and to be honest I am having the hardest time learning the ropes and have yet to download any neat programs to it (not because I don't want to, but because I am tech challenged and its over my head majorly!).

One day I was perusing one of my favorite blogs http://www.iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/  and Cheri talked about http://www.picnik.com/ which is a free photo editing program (costs to upgrade to premium but is only like $2 a month!)! It's easy to use for even a novice like myself! The fun I have had with this program I can't even express over this post! Below are a few things I have done! And you can guarantee I will do more! Check it out for yourself!

Aren't these cute?! Got this idea from Cheri too for Valentines day!!

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